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About Us:

While the web3 market may currently face challenges and a tarnished  reputation, have we ever stopped to consider the experiences and  emotions of the characters within this metaverse? What if I told you in this digital realm, a fierce battle for freewill and the very existence of the metaverse itself is unfolding?

Welcome to our exciting project "Xplorers"! As an innovative and forward-thinking company, we are fueled by our passion  for the metaverse and its boundless potential. Join us on a journey where we invite you to immerse yourself in a captivating narrative, gain  insights into the unfolding events, and actively contribute to shaping its outcome. We are committed to pushing the boundaries  of what's possible in the metaverse, and we invite you to join us in  exploring its limitless possibilities.


The Rise of Xplorers presented by Budboys, Inc. We're excited to announce that we're embarking on a thrilling journey to create a unique metaverse storyline arc that will capture the imagination of our community. Our project will take inspiration from the beloved Marvel Avengers franchise and the captivating world of Disney storytelling.

Our avatars, the Xplorers, are the trusted guardians of the Metaverse. They are highly skilled box character robots who venture throughout the Metaverse to maintain order and advance their own world, Xpoverse. But tragedy strikes when one of their own betrays them, and Xpoverse is destroyed. Only a few of the Xplorers are able to escape, and now the entire Metaverse is in great danger. It's up to the remaining Xplorers to unite the Metaverse and fight against this greater evil.

Our mission is to ignite creativity and inspire an original narrative within the world of the metaverse. Through our compelling comics/ebook storyline called "Xplorers: Demeta Saga", were we take readers on an immersive journey of discovery and understanding, vividly explaining  of this metaverse.

But that's not all - we go beyond the digital realm with our exceptional collectible toys. These tangible embodiment of the metaverse bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, offering an unparalleled  experience for enthusiasts and collectors. 

We believe that the community is key to creating a compelling storyline, and we welcome their input as we develop this exciting new IP. Our ultimate goal is to turn Xplorers into an animated series, and we're exploring opportunities to collaborate with leading networks like Netflix, Dreamworks, Disney, Amazon, or many others.

The Creator

My name is Omar mendoza

This project originated from my involvement in developing an IRL web3 expo called "NFT Expoverse." As one the co-creator of this event, I was inspired by the multitude of projects and ideas presented by participants. It motivated us to explore ways to further promote mass adoption of web 3 technologies.

In my spare time, I began brainstorming and sketching a character that could resonate with everyone and serve as a representative of the Metaverse. As my partners have decided to postpone the IRL event until the market conditions improve. sadden by the news, I reached out to  trusty friends that I have work with in the past. 

I wanted to create a character that would be relatable, engaging, and able to communicate the transformative potential of this digital universe known as the metaverse. Through some sketches and designs, I aimed to create a character that will represent the metaverse and capture the essence of its limitless possibilities.


This character would become a visual symbol, an ambassador, and a catalyst for spreading awareness and understanding of the digital universe to a broader audience.


Our plan and Our schedule

Our plan revolves around establishing the character as a visual symbol, an ambassador, and a catalyst for spreading awareness and understanding of the web 3 world to a broader audience. To execute this plan, we will focus on the following key steps:

  1. Collaboration: We will actively collaborate with other projects and influencers who share our passion for the metaverse, toys, books/comics and a compelling animation storyline. By joining forces, we can leverage their networks, expertise, and reach to amplify our message and increase awareness.

  2.  Toys and Comics: Our primary objective is to develop the collectible toys that represent the characters from the Demeta Saga arc. Simultaneously, we will create an episode series in the form of e-books or comics with audio options, catering to different languages. These episodes will delve deeper into the story, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

  3. Marketing Strategy: We will employ a comprehensive marketing strategy that encompasses social media, networking, e-commerce platforms, and collaboration with retail stores. By utilizing these channels, we can effectively reach our target audience and generate interest and engagement.

  4. Future Planning: Looking ahead, we envision expanding our toy product line to include new characters for the emerging fans. This also include developing additional products, such as collectibles or merchandise, and even exploring the creation of an animation series. These initiatives will help create awareness among both young and old audiences, informing them about the metaverse space and its transformative potential.


Regarding the schedule, our aim is to launch the collectible toys and complete the episode book series within a specified timeframe. We will set milestones and work diligently to meet them, ensuring that the products are of the highest quality and align with our vision. However, it's important to note that specific timelines may be subject to adjustments based on various factors, such as production considerations, collaboration agreements, and market dynamics.

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